Heads In The Cloud
Hitc 2019

Join three telecom industry leaders as they discuss tips and tricks in the Unified Communications world. Plus, meet their expert guests who share their own unique perspectives on the industry.

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    056: Selling Virtual Desktop with Rick Tamberrino

    In this episode, David and John speak with long-standing Star2Star partner, Rick Tamberrino of Logic Found. In addition to learning a little about Rick, his business, and his relation with Star2Star, learn about which verticals are hot, some tips for selling Desktop as a Service, and who should and should not follow an MSP model. Stay to the end for vacation destinations, wine, and cocktails!

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    055: A Culinary Experience with Chef Christopher Covelli

    In this episode David Portnowitz and Graham Potter interview celebrity Chef Christopher Covelli for a second round (with a few rounds of world-class cuisine tastings). While your taste buds tingle, feast on some industry knowledge behind what goes into operating a restaurant, designing a top-notch menu, and upholding customer service that is as fine as the food! You’ll also get to hear about each of the chefs at Sage restaurant’s background in cooking, and how they came to cook under head chef Christopher Covelli.

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    054: The Effects of the RingCentral/Avaya Merger with Jeffrey Pearl

    In this episode, David and John are joined by Jeffrey Pearl, CEO Managing Partner at OTG Consulting for an intriguing talk focused on the effects of the RingCentral-Avaya merger. Settle in for some insight on Jeffrey's background as a pioneer in the hosted VoIP space, what OTG is all about, top customer concerns with cloud migration, and then get the scoop on the reactions of partners and customers since the RingCentral/Avaya merger. Find out what questions have been raised, who the real winners are since the merger, and what is needed to take advantage of the disarray. End with some inspiration for travel, what pie causes vegans to cheat their diet, and Jeffrey's road trip playlist.

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    053: Differentiating the IT Landscape with Matt Rosenthal

    In this episode, David and John are joined by Matt Rosenthal, CEO of Mindcore Group; Mindcore is a tech services firm for businesses of all sizes that solves IT problems. Matt shares his strategy for giving his customers an extra dose of value through incorporating something he calls "operations as a service", and tells us why this method truly gives him a foot up. More of Matt's outline for success includes the importance of hiring the right people and instilling the right process, gaining high visibility online with captivating content, and offering services that no other provider could easily replace. The conversation also covers the biggest IT challenges faced by business owners, Matt's tips on how to overcome them, and a pop-quiz on planets.

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    052: Building a Better Business Partnership with Jackson Haskins

    In this episode, Graham and David speak with special guest and former Star2Star employee Jackson Haskins, Business Development Consultant with SouthTech. Learn about SouthTech's business structure, successes, values, and how they differentiate their practices to create a meaningful relationship with their customers. Get a glimpse of the connection between the supplier, the managed service provider, and the customer, plus discover the importance of treating these connections as partnerships and not one-off transactions. Join this conversation that highlights successful partnership factors, the topic of security growth and its drivers, how to limit robo calls, and nostalgic memories of Star2Star's early days.

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    051: Identity Protection & Data Security with Vincent Oh

    In this episode, Graham and David talk all things data security with Vincent Oh, Director of Product Management at Telesign. Learn all about two-factor authentication and how it is essential for today's business as fraudulent activity continues to grow. Find out what data is collected and analyzed to improve security measures, what businesses are utilizing two-factor identification, and contemplate whether you've already happened upon Telesign's security measures! You'll also embark on a journey learning Telesign's growth history, valuable mergers, and methods of driving business. Take a guess of what type of pup Vincent owns as you listen to the end for some fun with ducks, dogs, and sandwiches!

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    050: Star Trek Tech That Came True with Zeus Kerravala

    In this episode, David and John are rejoined by Zeus Kerravala of ZK Research. Listen in on an analyst's intel on today's and tomorrow's tech, and be ready to embrace your inner Trekkie (Star Trek fan) as you learn how the famous Star Trek series inspired modern technology! The trio discusses the development of advanced inventions such as drones, telepresence, 3-D printing, and others that were first seen in Star Trek back in 1979. Get ready to wrap your head around the idea that "Things are only impossible until they're not" and contemplate with the group how something like teleportation might not be "highly illogical"! Join Zeus, David, and John to learn about speech interface, crypto-currency, and more!

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    049: Tech Trash Talk with James Patrignelli

    In this episode, David and John are joined by James Patrignelli, the Director of Northeast Sales, at Liquid Technology, Inc. James shares how Liquid Technology helps other companies get the most out of their old IT equipment in a manner that satisfies environmental responsibility and even could help to foot the bill on implementing a new replacement solution that fits their needs. He also covers the topics of cloud migration, how data security is handled in the ITAD process, and how IoT is growing more need and attention around the technology liquidation sector. If you aren't getting a return on your investment for replacing your old hardware, listen in and find out what you're missing out on!

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    048: Tech Trends, Tricks, & Ice Cream with Micah Bevitz

    In this episode, David and John interview one of Star2Star's top 5 partners, Micah Bevitz, CEO of iTelecom. iTelecom specializes in cloud/IT services, phone systems, and voice/data options. Micah shares the story of how his company partnered with Star2Star nearly 10 years ago and grew to reach its position as The Elite Service Provider they are today. Micah reflects on the telecom industry changes that highlight the importance of early adoption in the technology space. Join in to get Micah's insight on how the market is reacting to DaaS technology and how to identify a fitting opportunity for DaaS or SD-WAN. You'll also be in for a sweet surprise on making homemade ice cream, plus a continuation of David and John's hot dog debate!

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    047: Building Success as a Master Agent with Tim Basa

    In this episode, David and John speak with Tim Basa, president of Telegration Inc. Tim shares how this Master Agency uniquely aligns itself to deliver an inspiring atmosphere that supports its agents' business objectives. Tim also sheds light on the recipe he uses to identify fitting agents, as well as the secret sauce he uses to keep them motivated. Discover the Master Agency world, hear about some great technology showcases coming up, and even get a quick ear-full of David's best attempt at covering Tubthumping by Chumbawamba.

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