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Join two telecom industry leaders as they discuss tips and tricks in the Unified Communications world. Plus, meet their expert guests who share their own unique perspectives on the industry.

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    023: Our Interview With Dr. Disruptive a.k.a. Jonathan Yarmis

    In this episode, we talk tech with one of the leading experts in Advanced, Disruptive, and Emerging technologies and a veteran of 30 years in the tech industry. Jonathan Yarmis, also known as "Dr. Disruptive", is one of the earliest adopters of PC, internet, social networking, and a myriad of other groundbreaking innovations. Jonathan was one of the first Gartner analysts to help grow the company and has worked as an end-user for Deloitte, communications professional for Waggener Edstrom and Hill & Knowlton, and today provides analyst insights with The Skills Connection. He shares many exciting stories from his career on the cutting-edge, including infamous interviews with Tom Brokaw, Bill Gates, and James Barksdale, playing chess with Howard Stern, and how he got the nickname "Dr. Disruptive".

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    022: From Mainframes to the Marketplace: An Analyst's Memoir with Joel Wecksell

    In this episode, David and Graham welcome expert analyst and possible X-Men, Joel Wecksell from The Skills Connection. Joel is the Founder of The Skills Connection, an industry advisory company that specializes in helping technology businesses prepare for and build relationships with analyst firms such as Gartner and Forrester. Joel and his expert team help companies communicate their strategic vision and demonstrate credibility in the marketplace using their extensive prior experiences as senior Gartner analysts. Joel discusses his 35 years of experience in the technology realm, from programming and selling mainframes to working at Xerox and then Gartner for 18 years of his career. He provides front-row insights into the innermost workings of being an analyst--from both sides of the desk. Tune in to learn everything you ever wanted to know about the secret life of analysts, and hear the surprising shared experience Joel has with one of the Heads In The Cloud hosts!

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    021: Wining, Dining, & All Things Consulting with J.R. Simmons

    In this episode, sponsored by VTech, DJ Potter brings in the beat and David gets to the meat of their interview with J.R. Simmons, President and Principal Consultant for COMgroup, Inc. COMgroup is the largest and most influential independent telecommunications consulting firm in the Pacific Northwest. With over 33 years of experience as an independent consultant, J.R. has expertise in a range of areas including telecommunications planning, design, analysis, and implementation, data networking design, and much more. He discusses his experience, love for consulting, and some of the industry's burning questions such as how to identify decision makers and how to keep up with the increased rate of change. You'll also hear about his current projects, involvement with BC Strategies, and his role as an expert witness on the stand.

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    020: 🤓 Catching Up On The UC Headlines with Tracy Venters

    In this episode, sponsored by VTech, David and Graham talk with Tracy Venters, Chief Strategist for Town Crier Consulting. Tracy's firm specializes in helping high-tech companies grow their brands and their revenue. She and Graham recount how they first met at Enterprise Connect for a meeting, followed by a discussion of Tracy's background in software engineering, marketing, and communications which culminate in her role at Town Crier Consulting. Also in this episode, you'll get exclusive hints about new products and events from Star2Star, hear about the technology trends on Tracy's radar, and the pet situation in her skyrise residence. Hint: this family member isn't fuzzy and also isn't afraid of heights.

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    019: Exploring The Deskphones Of The Future With VTech’s C.H. Tong

    In this episode, David and Graham interview C.H. Tong, President of VTech Telecommunications. Star2Star and VTech have been providing high-quality communications solutions and products together since 2016. C.H. discusses his role as President of the Telecom division and how VTech made their breakthrough into the SIP market, eventually leading to the Star2Star/VTech relationship. David, Graham, and C.H. also discuss the future of the desk phone, what the “cool” trends will be, and C.H.’s perspective on industry drivers in telecom. Also in this episode, you’ll hear about C.H.’s school adventures at King's College, London University, the running culture at VTech, the struggles of humidity, and much more.

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    018: Talking Security With Harold A. Logan From Star2Star

    In this episode, David and Graham invite Hal Logan, Star2Star's very own Director of Professional Services. They discuss Hal's career and experience in the world of professional services and security where he directs the engineering team responsible for custom development projects. Hal describes his career from beginning as a paratrooper in the Army to working in municipal government and then joining Star2Star. Tune in to this episode to hear about how Hal started in security, his take on the current trends in the industry, and how Blockchain works from a security standpoint. Bonus content: This episode comes to you live from outer space (courtesy of the Gen X-1 stylophone) and evolves into an entirely different podcast, touching on topics including the Oxford comma, how to train for jumping out of planes, and Hal's Yorkshire Terrier, Jocko.

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    017: Looking Out For The Latest UC Trends with David Mario Smith

    In this episode, David is joined by special guest host, Frederick Philip von Weiss, Executive Producer of Heads In The Cloud and Creative Director at Star2Star. David and Frederick interview David Mario Smith, Founder and Principal Analyst at InFlow Analysis. They discuss David's illustrious career as an analyst in the communications space. From starting at Gartner right out of school to founding his own company in response the digital disruption. David has seen the ins and outs of the industry from a perspective trained to look ahead. He provides his take on Net Neutrality and some of the trends piquing his interest right now including chatbots, machine learning, and the conversational enterprise. Tune in to this episode to hear about the adventures of David, David, and Frederick, and learn more about UC from an expert industry insider. Bonus content: Frederick's other podcast, Thunder Nerds, and the story of Biscuit the Dog, David Mario Smith's family pooch.

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    016: Welcome To Our (Master Agent) World with Chris O'Brien, & Phil Keenan

    In this episode, David and Graham talk shop with Chris O'Brien, Head of Sales, and Phil Keenan, President at MicroCorp. As a business with 30 years in the communications space, MicroCorp has seen everything from the days of selling long distance to the value-added recurring revenue services of today that are better known as VoIP and UCaaS. Chris and Phil discuss the world of Master Agents, what SD-WAN means to their business, and what they are looking forward to in 2018 as the field continues to evolve.

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    015: In A Podcast Far, Far Away... with Paul Hoffman

    In this episode, we travel to a galaxy far, far away to interview Paul Hoffman, President of SouthTech IT, a long-term Star2Star partner. Paul takes us back through SouthTech's founding, originally started within a CPA firm, and tells us how a few SouthTech employees eventually branched out to become an IT company. We also discuss the trends Paul currently sees in the industry, his customers' #1 concern for communications, and how SouthTech is really more of a "people business" than an "IT business". Tune in to hear more from Paul plus a bonus debate about Sarasota's local brewery scene and Star Wars sound effects (no spoilers).

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    014: Breaking News! Alan Foy On The Star2Star & Blueface Merge

    Get to know Star2Star's new CEO, Alan Foy, as we host him on our breaking news episode of Heads In The Cloud. We recently merged with Blueface, a pan-European UCaaS company, which Alan also directed as CEO. Hear how this all came about from Alan himself, where the new Star2Star/Blueface Group is headed, and some other details about our new Group CEO in our new segment, Rapid Fire With Graham Potter. We discuss what his favorite drink is, music taste, and more!

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